Parents,Don't tell the child Santa is not real

Parents,Don't tell the child Santa is not real

For the child ,the Christmas day is not only a fetival day.it's a day for them to make a wish ,it's quite important day ,and they all like Christmas and Santa. they belive Santa is real.

this is a very good thing and this help the child to grow up more happy. actually they belive Santa is one of their best friends. If you tell them that Santa is not real,the child will think he or she betrays the good friends.the child just needs the good friend.they want to share their feelings and thoughts with santa.and they expect santa to bring them some gifts.

so the parents should not tell the child Santa is not real,this may disappint them.

when they grow old enough ,they will understabd the whole thing.it's much better to tell them when they are old enough.the parents can enjoy the christmas season with the child,it's never too old to enjoy christmas.

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