Letter from Santa on Christmas (Official Santa Mail) 2007

this is a Letter from Santa on Christmas 2007

Official Santa Mail
Letter from Santa Claus
Christmas Eve December 24, 2007
Ho Ho Ho ~ Merry Christmas !
It has been a really exciting year here at the North Pole in 2007. I am so happy that Christmas Eve has finally arrived.
We had quite an interesting challenge this year with building my New Sleigh. We weren't sure if it would be finished in time for my flight today! Thankfully, Chuckles & Buckley, my Hospitality Elves, were on top of the whole process and we were able to finish on time and save Christmas this year!
I hope you had an opportunity to read Chuckles & Buckley adventure story about how the Snow Goblin created all kinds of mischief up here at the toy factory where my new sleigh was being built. If you have not read it, tonight is a wonderful night to share with family and read a great story!
The weather here has finally cleared.. I was concerned about the fog being so thick that we would have trouble seeing to take off. Rudolf's Red Nose has been glowing brightly to help us find our way around the Pole. Rudolf's nose will be a big help while traveling the Globe visiting all of the children on my "Nice List".
Speaking of the "Nice List" , I am so pleased to see your name there again! You have been so very good at respecting your parents, family, friends & teachers and I am so very Proud of You! Keep Up the Super Work!
I have been watching your behavior and I would like to ask you to join my Random Acts of Kindness Team. Since you have been practicing being kind, I think you will be an excellent candidate to help teach kindness to others. I have been impressed with your progress and believe that you can help make a difference in the world around you!
Remember an Act of Kindness is a simple action a person does for someone else without expecting anything in return. If you practice it enough, it will give you a great sense of joy in your heart. It can be something as simple as a smile or a pleasant greeting, taking the time to hold open a door or to help set the table for dinner. They are simple, kind events that just make you feel really nice about yourself because you took the time to give to others. This is exactly what I do for you and millions of other children every year, and it is so important to me , that you enjoy giving kindness too!
Soon it will be time for you to quiet down into your bed and get tucked in. You have anticipated my arrival all year and tonight is the big night! I can't wait to see what goodies you have left for me to snack upon while I visit your home. The reindeer will enjoy their very special treats too! Thank you!
Be sure to watch me take flight tonight & follow where I am in the world with Norad Tracks Santa.
Remember to take excellent care of yourself, your friends, your teachers and most of all, your family! Love & cherish one another each and every day for the smallest of blessings that you give & receive!
Love ~ Your Friend,
Santa Claus

Merry Christmas To All and
To All A Good Night!

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