Official Santa Mail Letter-A letter from Santa Claus

this letter is from Santa Claus to you .

Official Santa Mail Letter from Santa Claus !

Official Santa Mail Letter

We have been very busy up here at the North Pole with preparations for all the toys and my new sleigh. The old sleigh has served me well but I really am looking forward to some interesting new modifications and upgrades that I have been promised.

We're getting ready for the long arctic nights and we have had reports of a deep fog getting ready to descend upon us here at the North Pole. I sure hope it won't keep me grounded on Christmas Eve! Rudolf's red nose is always very helpful when the weather gets troublesome.

Chuckles and Buckley, my hospitality elves, are very busy overseeing the new sleigh production, the reindeer training camp, the toy workshop and so much more before the big day arrives. I think I'll go and check to see how that new sleigh is coming along.

After looking at all of the lists this year , I am pleased to see you are on the "Nice List" again this year and I am so proud of you!

Since you are on my "Nice List" again, I would like to ask for your help. I encourage you to begin practicing random acts of kindness with your family, friends and teachers. It is very important right now to spread as much happiness in the world as possible, and with your help Stone From China, we can make that dream come true!

Random acts of kindness are simple actions a person does for someone else without expecting anything in return. If you practice it enough, it will give you a great sense of joyfulness in your heart. It can be something as simple as a smile or pleasant greeting.

Stay happy and safe,and remember to share the joy you feel in your heart everyday to everyone!

Love - Your Friend,

Santa Claus

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