download santa tracker 2008 Santa Tracker 2008 released

download santa tracker 2008 Santa Tracker 2008 released
the Santa tracker file finally released. you can download it here.
Download santa Tracker 2008 here
Watch Santa in 3D as he makes his yearly rounds this Christmas Season
 Santa’s Toy Hunt and Santa Tracker in Google Earth
 Google has just released a special Santa Tracker for Google Earth this year! On previous years, Google has had a Santa tracker which let you watch Santa make deliveries all over the Earth using Google Earth on Christmas Eve. This year, the new version uses 3D models created with SketchUp of Santa’s North Pole home, his sleigh, and the toys you find are in 3D as well. According to the Google Earth Santa page, you must use Google Earth 4 version 4.0.241x+ . Anyway, if you have the latest GE 4, you can download the Santa Tracker and Toy Hunt here . Then you double click on today’s date in the “Santa’s Present Hunt“ in the Places folder. Zoom in for a closer view of Santa’s home, and click on today’s clue for the location and picture of the toy. Once you get to the correct location, a 3D model of the present will appear in 3D.
  Presumably, on Christmas Eve we will see Santa traverse the planet delivering presents all over the world. This is a fun way to show off the dynamic abilities of GE, and its fitting that Google do it in full 3D style since the purchase of SketchUp last year. Merry Christmas!

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