Santa Claus' real face Revealed

Kids have been trying for years to catch a glimpse of santa claus, but scientists now say they know what Father Christmas really looks like!
Using the bones of Saint Nicholas, a Turkish bishop from the fourth century who inspired the real Santa, they've made a reconstruction of his face.
Santa's a bit of a bruiser, with cropped hair, a short beard and a broken nose!
The scientists put together the model for a BBC2 documentary, The Real Face of Santa, broadcast on December 18.
Although he's not quite what we're used to, Saint Nick was a very generous man.
He became famous for givfts of cash, even saing a whole town from starvation.
His bones are kept in a church in Bari, Italy.
As well as giving pressies to kids all over the world, he's the patron saint of pawn brokers and perfume makers!

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