Santa Claus is coming to town

As Christmas approaches, Santa Clauses of all shapes and sizes have been turning up throughout the world.Three-month old twins Jake (L) and Jessica (R) Dertke of Arlington, VAA traditional American Santa was on duty for two newborns in Virginia (santa claus and two new baby)football fan dressed as Santa (l) and a diver in Seaworld, Jakarta (r)But elsewhere he turned up in some unusual places - supporting Sunderland football team and diving in Jakarta (santa claus and football team)
A Basque militant dressed like Santa Claus is taken away by a police officer after climbing on the wall of Sante prisonThis Basque militant took advantage of the festive season to make a bid for freedom - but was stopped despite the disguise (santa claus in prison)
Palestinian men, dressed as Santa Claus, surround a guardFestive cheer made its way to Yasser Arafat's compound in the West Bank town of Ramallah (many santa )
British soldiers from the International Security Alliance Force in KabulBritish soldiers in Kabul joined in the fun. (santa claus soliders)
Peruvian traffic police, dressed like elves and Papa Noel, or Santa Claus A group of Peruvian Santas, normally traffic police, stopped traffic for a different reason (santa claus traffic police)
Taishu Mogi, age 6, looks into the office of Santa Claus at a Tokyo department storeSome Some just couldn't wait their turn to meet the man in red ( santa )
Margit Hammerl, a member of the Pro-Christkind (Pro-Christ Child) SocietyBut others are campaigning against Santa Claus, and say he is displacing Christian traditions

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